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At BB we believe in mindful eating. We think about food – all the time.  What to eat, when to eat it, where it comes from, how to cook it, how to be more adventurous. And we talk about it too.

From the Grande Fromage down, we know food, and we know you know food too. So join us chez nous, where the conversation starts around the table….

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Fans of our justifiably famous cheese souffle will know that there is a little extra something that makes it so special. And we are happy to share with you what  that something is. We’d like to introduce you to Eric Charriaux of Premier Cheese. We have a longstanding relationship with Eric, who has worked with us for years, bringing us the very best of seasonal cheeses, both French and local, from the finest cheesemakers out there. Like Eric & us, they… read more

Food From Our Friends: A short film about Ford Farm

At Brasserie Blanc we think food is all about relationships . And not just bringing people together around a table but also our relationship with the produce, where it comes from and how it is treated on its journey to us.  We have some incredible, long-standing relationships with amazing food producers who are as passionate about quality, provenance, sustainability & taste as we are. In the first of a new series of short films that celebrate a passion for good… read more

Our Steaks – a cut above the rest

We like to think that our ‘chez nous’ philosophy runs through everything we do: ‘come over to ours’ for really good, fresher than fresh food, cooked with heart in our kitchens AND sourced with care and pride from the very best producers. This includes our steaks. read more

Are you a Super Taster? Find out during our Festival of Flavour April 11th – 17th

  ARE YOU A SUPER TASTER? Ever thought you taste flavours more intensely than your friends and family? Or perhaps the opposite is true. Try our simple test today & find out if you really do have super-duper tastebuds.   WHAT IS A SUPER TASTER? Well, it’s all down to genetics. Super Tasters can have up to 1100 tastebuds per cm2 of their tongues, 100 times more than a non taster. are extremely sensitive to bitter or very sweet flavours,… read more

BTS at our spring menu ‘cook off’

Last week we went behind the scenes at our Spring menu cookery school with executive chef director Clive Fretwell. We joined our team of Head Chefs in our Bristol cookery school kitchen where they were gathered for a master class on our new à la carte menu, which goes live on the 24th March. It was a truly delicious day, and we’re excited to share the fabulous flavour adventures of Spring with you. Each dish created with care and freshly prepared in our kitchens by… read more