Brasserie Blanc

Brasserie Blanc

The Humble Crumble is winter at its best

January is always an odd time, with the excesses of Christmas behind us and virtuous New Year’s resolutions taunting us to ‘be good’. But we also desperately need something to treat and tempt us through the wet, grey month. Aah, how to marry the two? Because you know we French do not really believe in dieting. read more

A perfect pair

I think I am in love with autumn, I really am. This time of year brings us the wonderful gift of so many orchard fruits and of all of them I just adore pears. There are so many ways to prepare and serve them, they are delicious with game, sharp cheeses and they’re perfect in chutneys & pickles. Pears also give us some interesting alcoholic drinks: in England we find Perry, the pear version of the much loved apple cider…. read more

Strawberry Fields Forever

“One of my favourite things about the Great British Summer is the berries. I like to check the hedgerows for tart little wild blackberries that grow bigger and sweeter as summer progresses; the raspberry canes are a daily delight for many home gardeners – unless, of course, the birds get there first; and I watch the lovely rows of bright green strawberry plants in the kitchen garden like a hawk, hardly able to contain my impatience until they have had… read more


From Maman’s table this month we bring you a multitude of fresh seasonal green spinach, watercress, chives & salad leaves. Also in season now are mackerel which are at their best simply grilled to bring out the flavour. read more