Brasserie Blanc

Brasserie Blanc

Behind the scenes at our Bristol menu launch

We might make the launch of our new a la carte menu seem effortless but behind the scenes it is a veritable hive of activity across all our sites in the run up to a menu launch as our chefs work to refine the dishes to ensure perfection on a plate whilst our front of house team immerse themselves in learning the new menu.

We also work hard to spread the word about our fantastic new menus and we were lucky enough to spend the day with Lucy Richards at our beautiful Bristol brasserie. Lucy, a very talented food photographer, went to great lengths to get the perfect shot and the results were stunning. Shooting twelve new dishes in one day is no mean feat but Lucy’s hard work meant that our lovely dishes were truly done justice and you will see her work on our website over the coming weeks. We also got to sample each dish once we finished photographing it which was a welcome bonus! Have a look for yourself at our new spring menu here and see what tempts you…..

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