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The perfect pair

We sat down with our executive chef to talk all things Autumn and our gorgeous seasonal star…

“I think I am in love with autumn, I really am. This time of year brings us the wonderful gift of so many orchard fruits and of all of them I just adore pears. There are so many ways to prepare and serve them, they are delicious with game, sharp cheeses and they’re perfect in chutneys & pickles. Pears also give us some interesting alcoholic drinks: in England we find Perry, the pear version of the much loved apple cider. In France, pear is best used for Eau de Vie – a fiery pear liqueur – not for the faint hearted!

Pears pass through their peak of ripeness in a matter of hours. They are mouth-wateringly juicy eaten out of hand, they are often best picked just before ripeness and poached, with some lovely spices; vanilla, cinnamon.
This month we have done just exactly that for our set menu; a fresh, seasonal pear & blue cheese salad, grilled mackerel with homemade pear & apple chutney and beautifully poached pears in our classic Belle Helene pudding”.

You can try one of Clive & Raymond’s favourite pear recipes at home, or you can visit us in one of our brasseries and let our chefs cook up some perfect pear dishes as part of our set menu for October.

Bon appétit!

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