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At BB we believe in mindful eating. We think about food – all the time.  What to eat, when to eat it, where it comes from, how to cook it, how to be more adventurous. And we talk about it too.

From the Grande Fromage down, we know food, and we know you know food too. So join us chez nous, where the conversation starts around the table….

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Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb

As spring draws to a close and the summer months stretch out ahead, now is the perfect time to revel in the colour, flavour and texture of rhubarb. Our executive chef, Clive Fretwell says “it’s a wonderful, wonderful ingredient that’ll be in full season for June” and so he’s created our new set menu to utilise every aspect of this versatile ingredient. This quintessentially British vegetable (yes, vegetable!) stars in this month’s prix fixe, featuring in a starter, main and… read more

British asparagus season has arrived!

British asparagus season is finally here! We are proud to work with dedicated suppliers who take the time and care to grow only the best produce and there is no better example than British asparagus which features on our May set menu in our vibrant spring vegetable risotto. Also, whilst this beautiful veg is still in season, keep your eyes peeled for it’s appearance on our delicious specials menu… For more inspiration see the British Asparagus website

The Humble Crumble is winter at its best

January is always an odd time, with the excesses of Christmas behind us and virtuous New Year’s resolutions taunting us to ‘be good’. But we also desperately need something to treat and tempt us through the wet, grey month. Aah, how to marry the two? Because you know we French do not really believe in dieting. read more

A perfect pair

I think I am in love with autumn, I really am. This time of year brings us the wonderful gift of so many orchard fruits and of all of them I just adore pears. There are so many ways to prepare and serve them, they are delicious with game, sharp cheeses and they’re perfect in chutneys & pickles. Pears also give us some interesting alcoholic drinks: in England we find Perry, the pear version of the much loved apple cider…. read more

Plum Perfect

As summer fades and days get crisper, our pick of season’s best shine in this month’s set menu dishes. read more

How important is sustainable fishing?

Sustainability, seasonality and responsible sourcing are the cornerstones of our menus at Brasserie Blanc, and, in terms of seafood it has never been more important with so much demand for fish combined with many fish stocks dwindling. This is an issue that has long been close to Raymond’s heart and he and Michael Berthet from our supplier M&J Seafood have been tackling it together for over a decade. We work closely with M&J to ensure our seasonally changing menus use… read more