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Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb

As spring draws to a close and the summer months stretch out ahead, now is the perfect time to revel in the colour, flavour and texture of rhubarb. Our executive chef, Clive Fretwell says

“it’s a wonderful, wonderful ingredient that’ll be in full season for June”

and so he’s created our new set menu to utilise every aspect of this versatile ingredient. This quintessentially British vegetable (yes, vegetable!) stars in this month’s prix fixe, featuring in a starter, main and dessert! Timperly is our variety of choice, as the stems are a beautiful combination of bright pink and apple green, making for intensely flavourful and colourful dishes.

Our exceptional supplier, Secretts, is a family-owned, Surrey based 150 acre farm which dates back over a 100 years. Over the course of June, we’ll be using an incredible 340kg of fresh Timperley rhubarb from our friends at the farm, picked and on your plate within a 24hrs.

If you fancy giving making the most of rhubarb whilst it’s in full season, why not poach it simply to make a delicious breakfast compote, or if you’re creating a dessert, Clive has a winning ratio he swears by…“when I’m doing the rhubarb as a dessert, I try to cut down on that sharpness of the rhubarb… and I find in the most recipes if I do 600g of rhubarb, I put 100g of sugar, and it’s perfection… it keeps it fresh, and it’s not over-sugared”. Try Raymond’s best rhubarb & custard recipe to try out his theory.

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