Brasserie Blanc

Brasserie Blanc

From 11.95 for two courses, add a third course for only 3.50

*Times and prices may vary from brasserie to brasserie & prices shown here are for our regional brasseries. Some regional and London brasseries may charge more. Please check their web page to confirm availability at your favourite location.

Our great value set menu showcases the best of simple seasonal fare. Changing on the first Thursday of every month, the menu is perfect for lunch or pre-theatre dinners and is available Monday to Saturday until 6.30pm in most locations, Monday to Friday until 5.00pm in Beaconsfield and Fulham Reach and Monday to Saturday until 5pm in Bournemouth.

Currently Threadneedle Street does not offer the set menu.

To view the current set menu times and availability at your local Brasserie Blanc restaurant click here to chose your location. Available times are shown at the top of the menu. Just look for set menu and click.