Brasserie Blanc

Gender Pay Gap Report

Blanc Brasseries Limited

In accordance with gender pay gap reporting regulations we are publishing our statistics for April
2021. The statistics are based on the prescribed snapshot date of 5 April 2021.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic and government restrictions imposed on the hospitality
sector, all Blanc Brasseries were temporarily closed on the snapshot date of 5 April 2021. As a result,
all eligible employees of the Company were on furlough leave and paid furlough pay in accordance
with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme or otherwise absent from the business on other forms of
statutory leave. As such the Company had no full-pay relevant employees on the snapshot date. As a result of this, the only statistics which the Company is able to report are those related to bonus
pay. The bonus statistics are based on the bonuses received by our workforce in the year to 5 April
2021. However due to the ongoing pandemic, the directors took the decision to pay no bonuses
during the year. There was only one exceptional case where a bonus was paid to one male member
of staff. As such, the following statistics are not representative of the ongoing business:

0.4% of men received bonus pay

0% of women received bonus pay

Mean & median bonus gap 100%

Despite the challenges that we have faced over the past two years, we remain committed to the
principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment of all employees. We pay men and women the
same amount for doing equivalent work, with structured pay rates and salary bandings reviewed
annually against market rates and performance.

Equality and diversity across our teams is incredibly important to us and we continue to evaluate our
policies and reward packages to ensure that they are inclusive, fair and consistent.

We look forward to being able to report on our April 2022 gender pay gap in due course, which should
show a clearer picture than for the past two years.


Helen Melvin

People Director

For and on behalf of Blanc Brasseries Limited, April 2022