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Gender Pay Gap Report

Blanc Brasseries Limited

In accordance with gender pay gap reporting regulations, we are publishing our statistics for 2023.

These statistics look at the difference in the mean and median hourly rates of pay and bonus pay for men and women regardless of their role or seniority. The statistics are based on the prescribed snapshot date of 5 April 2023.

Difference in hourly rate
The mean pay gap is the difference between average hourly earnings of men and women. The median pay gap is the difference between the midpoints in the ranges of hourly earnings for women and men.

To calculate the median, all hourly rates in the sample are lined up from lowest to highest for men and for women and the median is the middle rate.

Mean pay gap     5.8%
Median pay gap     0.0%

We are very pleased to be able to report parity in median pay between women and men, supporting our commitment to paying women and men the same amount for doing equivalent work. 

Furthermore, we are pleased to report a reduction in the mean gender pay gap, falling from 10.9% in April 2022 to 5.8% in April 2023.  Whilst smaller, a mean gap still exists as we do currently continue to employ more men than women in certain senior positions, particularly amongst our kitchen teams. 

Proportion of women & men in each pay quartile
Upper quartile:     22% women 78% men
Upper middle quartile:     45% women 65% men
Lower middle quartile:     30% women 70% men
Lower quartile:     48% women 52% men

We are also pleased to report the percentage share of women in both the upper and upper middle quartiles has improved between April 2022 and 2023, highlighting that we have a growing proportion of women employed in the most senior roles; with women increasing to 22% from 19% of the upper quartile and increasing to 45% from 39% of the upper middle quartile in April 2022.

Bonus pay
The bonus statistics are based on the bonuses received by our employees in the year to 5 April 2023. We pay bonuses in a relatively small number of cases which can lead to exaggerated gaps. 

Women’s mean bonus pay is 30.2% lower than men’s, and women’s median bonus pay is 69.4% lower than men’s. Both the mean and median gender bonus gaps reflect the larger share of men employed in the most senior management roles where larger bonuses are awarded particularly for our chefs. We continue to work on initiatives to attract more women into these roles.  

We are pleased to see the proportion of women awarded a bonus has grown from 8.0% in the year to April 2022.

Mean bonus gap: 30.2%
Median bonus gap: 69.4%

12.7% of women received bonus pay
12.1% of men received bonus pay

As in previous years, we remain committed to paying all our employees fairly based on their job role and responsibilities.

We regularly collect feedback for our teams including surveys, focus groups, workshops and exit interviews to ensure our workplaces are inclusive and that there is no gender bias present.

Helen Melvin
People Director

Helen Melvin

People Director

For and on behalf of Blanc Brasseries Limited, April 2024