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How important is sustainable fishing?


Sustainability, seasonality and responsible sourcing are the cornerstones of our menus at Brasserie Blanc, and, in terms of seafood it has never been more important with so much demand for fish combined with many fish stocks dwindling.

This is an issue that has long been close to Raymond’s heart and he and Michael Berthet from our supplier M&J Seafood have been tackling it together for over a decade. We work closely with M&J to ensure our seasonally changing menus use only sustainable, responsibly sourced fish & seafood when they are at their seasonal best to ensure great taste and quality.

Our mussels, for example, are rope-grown in the beautiful lochs of Shetland and this is also the home of our truly outstanding Shetland Isles salmon which is RSPCA Freedom Food certified. As Michael Berthet explains: “The waters off the Shetland Isles change and enjoy stronger currents than most others due to the steep drop off on the Scottish coast, this results in a fitter, firmer textured, more tasty, and generally fantastic salmon. It is simply the best quality around.”

” M&J Seafood was established over 30 years ago and has grown to become the UK’s leading

independent seafood supplier. Through the eleven branches across the UK we are committed to sourcing the highest quality and most sustainable seafood available. We work hard to make sure that all our products are sourced ethically and with due regard for the environment. ” Michael Berthet, M&J Seafoods. (M&J Seafood )

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