Brasserie Blanc

Christmas is the time to sparkle…

& what better way than to celebrate the season with a glass of Lanson

Being a French brasserie, we know a thing or two about Champagne! We are proud to work with Lanson Champagne, award-winning & world-renowned. At BB you can choose either Lanson Père et Fils Brut Champagne which not only tastes beautiful but is vegan. We also stock Lanson’s Blanc de Blancs for that something a little bit extra special.

We talked to Hervé, one of Lanson’s expert winemaker’s for a fascinating insight into the world of Lanson…

What is the role of the winemaker in a Champagne House?

“I am responsible for the blending of the wines. Included in this, my role is to perpetuate the famous Lanson style and my responsibility is to preserve it. 2020 was the 260th anniversary of Maison Lanson and I am very proud of the core values of the Maison – openness, kindness, humility, authenticity and elegance – and above all else, the quality of its wines”

What word best describes Champagne Lanson?

“I would say “fresh and elegant”. Lanson Champagne is fresh in a very particular way, with mild acidity and plenty of vitality.”

How are blends crafted at Lanson? What are the main principles?

“We are fortunate to have a host of ingredients, or spices, if I can use a culinary metaphor, on our doorstep. Just like when cooking a dish, you do more justice to the recipe when you make it with the finest ingredients and cutting-edge equipment. Over the past several years, we have made significant investment in new fermenting rooms, which allow us to vinify wine by parcel, and a new chai bois where we age our reserve wines. Regarding the raw materials, we have access to over 100 crus which offer a rich palette of very different colours. Blending is carried out both inside, in our cellars, but also outside, in the heart of our vineyards.”

This festive season you can enjoy £10 off a bottle of Lanson Père et Fils when you pre-order it for your Christmas Party. Take a look at our Christmas Party menu here…