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Our Secret Cinema Club now shows two Contemporary French Films and two Classic French films per month.

Now every Monday every you can enjoy a two course meal with a glass of wine, served from 7pm, followed by a classic or contemporary French film in our secret cinema, for only £20.00. Space is limited so booking is essential.

Films are chosen from French language films, or iconic films with French directors or actors, and occassionally great films that are simply set in France. If you have any suggestions please feel free to give them to us as well.

Monday 8th JuneD’Artagnans daughterr’
Philippe Noiret plays famed swordsman D’Artagnan alongside Sophie Marceau as the eponymous daughter, a deteremined Eloise, in this swashbuckling historical adventure. Eloise eschews her talents with the sword to concentrate on her studies at a convent, but trouble comes knocking in the form of a slave seeking refuge from the clutches of the evil Duke of Crassac. The Duke’s soldiers retaliate by murdering the Mother Superior and his nefarious plot to destabalise the country becomes apparent. The feisty Eloise enlists the help of her father, the legendary musketeer D’Artagnan, to overthrow the dastardly Duke. Monday 15th June
 ‘Big Blue’
A hit in Europe but a flop in the US–where it was trimmed, rescored, and given a new ending–Luc Besson’s The Big Blue has endured as a minor cult classic for its gorgeous photography (both on land and underwater) and dreamy ambiance. Jean-Marc Barr is a sweet and sensitive but passive presence as Jacques, a diver with a unique connection to the sea. He has the astounding ability to slow his heartbeat and his circulation on deep dives, “a phenomenon that’s only been observed in whales and dolphins until now,” remarks one scientist. Monday 22nd June
 ‘Asterix & Obelix-Mission Cleopatra’
Live action comedy based on the comics by Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra (Monica Bellucci) bets against the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar , that she will be able to build a new palace within three months. The honour of building the palace goes to Numerobis. If he succeeds, he will be covered in gold and if he fails his fate is to be eaten by crocodiles. Numerobis calls upon an old friend to help him out: the fabulous Druid Panoramix from Gallia, who brews a potion that provides supernatural strength. In order to help and protect him, Asterix and Obelix accompany the old Druid on his journey to Egypt. When Julius Caesar gets wind of the project succeeding, he has the building site attacked by his troops in order to win the bet and not lose face. But he hasn’t counted on Asterix and ObelixMonday 29th June
Munich is a film with no easy answers, and plenty of uncomfortable moments. It also finds Steven Spielberg on masterly form behind the camera, telling a relentlessly serious and unsettling story with the gravitas it absolutely requires.
Set immediately after the murder of nine Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics (an event that’s brutally re-enacted), the film is supposedly a fictionalised account based on true events of what happened next. Namely, the Israelis ordering together a secret team–led by Eric Bana’s Avner–to take out those they considered responsible

Monday 6th July‘Le gout des autress’

Castella is a rich and lonely man who has built up a successful business but who has lost sight of himself and his family. Clara is a middle aged actress who lives for the theatre yet craves for a family and security. She teaches English in her spare time – which is how she meets Castella. It is only when he sees her performing in the theatre that something is sparked inside him.Monday 13th July
 ‘Black Swan
Psychological thriller set in the American ballet world starring Natalie Portman in an award-winning performance. Nina (Portman) is a dancer in a New York City ballet company. Still living with her domineering and obsessive mother Erica (Barbara Hershey), a former ballerina herself, Nina barely has a life outside her dancing. When the company’s artistic director Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) decides to replace prima ballerina Beth MacIntyre (Winona Ryder) for a major new production of Swan Lake, Nina finds herself losing sight of her own identity as she becomes caught up in a twisted competitive friendship with her rival Lily (Mila Kunis). Portman won the 2011 Golden Globe, BAFTA and Academy Award for Best Actress.Monday 20th July
 ‘Les rivieres pourpres’
When Commissaire Pierre Niemans (Jean Reno), France’s leading serial killer investigator, is calledto investigate a grisly murder, he enters a world of secrets, lies and unthinkable horrors. The dead, whose hands and eyes have been removed, are clues to a terrible tradition the killer can no longer bear. Each murder means something more; each victim, a guilty conspirator in a grand immoral experiment. Filled with blood-chilling suspense, twisted turns and breathtaking locations, this tense thriller has the style, action and intelligence to keep you wondering what’s really happening right up until the shocking conclusion.Monday 27th July
 ‘The Artist’
Hollywood 1927. George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is a silent movie superstar. The advent of the talkies will sound the death knell for his career and see him fall into oblivion. For young extra Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo), it seems the sky’s the limit–major movie stardom awaits. The Artisttells the story of their interlinked destinies…

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