Brasserie Blanc

BB’s best game seasoning recipe

200g coarse sea salt
15g coarse ground black peppercorns
10g juniper berries
4 star anise
10g piece of cinnamon stick
4 dried bay leaf
10g of fresh peeled garlic

BB’s best game seasoning recipe

This is our go-to recipe for all sorts of game. You can use it as a cure for duck legs, pork collar or guinea fowl. Just rub into the flesh and leave overnight, before you confit in duck fat. Or you can use it as a seasoning, just sprinkle on or rub into the flesh before cooking. Once made it can be kept in a refrigerated airtight container for several weeks. This game spice is used in our fabulous pheasant in a bag recipe.

  1. Blend all the ingredients in a food processor for around 2 minutes.
  2. Transfer to a sterilised container with a lid.
  3. Will keep fresh for several weeks refrigerated.

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