Brasserie Blanc

Beaconsfield makeover is complete!

Our incredible makeover at Brasserie Blanc Beaconsfield is complete and we are totally bowled over with how utterly beautiful the transformation looks. From the soft foliage that adorns the main brasserie, the balls of light chandeliers peppered with florals, the bespoke tiled walkway, the shiny new gin bar, the pretty lighting and fabrics make this brasserie a must visit – are you yet to have  stepped through our doors into this new haven of gorgeousness?
To give you a little taste of the details that have gone into this transformation, we shot this video of our Head of Design, Inge Watrobski, visiting the tile-makers Bert & May. The details highlight how closely we worked with this divine brand on the beautiful bespoke design for handmade tiles that have created a striking feature of the central floor area at Brasserie Blanc Beaconsfield…
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