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How to home smoke beetroot

a selection of rainbow beetroots, cooked and quartered
a roasting tray with rack
wood chips
a cook's blow torch
tea leaves (optional) - Earl Grey is a good choice
tin foil

How to home smoke beetroot

Smoked beetroot & goat’s curd salad is one of the star dishes on this month’s set menu. Follow our easy 5 step guide for home smoking beetroot!

  1. Place the wood chips (available online and in a variety of different flavours) in a small baking tray or foil punnet.
  2. Position the punnet inside the roasting tin, to one side, and using the blow torch set the wood chips alight until smoking and smouldering. This may take several minutes. Once smoking you can sprinkle on a generous pinch of tea leaves, for an added flavour profile.
  3. Fit the rack into the roasting tin, over the wood chip punnet and lay the beetroots out on the rack in a single layer on the other side of the tin, avoiding placing any directly over the heat.
  4. Cover the roasting tin completely with tin foil and leave for ten minutes, allowing the delicious smoke to infuse the beetroots.
  5. Serve with fresh salad greens and goat's curd for a gorgeously flavoursome dish.

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