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Healthy and delicious work from home snacks…

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I don’t know about you, but I am such a big snacker – it literally get us and the team through the day! So, when it comes to working from home this only means one thing, the snacks are even closer.

I remember as a little kid I would ask my Mum for a snack, and dread the response, ‘Have an apple’ she would normally reply. So, I decided to explore the world of snacks (not just a boring apple), and here are some of my favourites… 

  • Banana & peanut butter on toast – sounds slightly bizarre but it’s so, so tasty. Sprinkle with honey and chia seeds for an added extra!
  • Houmous, carrots and cucumber sticks – low calorie and very healthy. You could even try making your own at home
  • Smoothie bowls – add extra yogurt and frozen bananas for a thicker consistency
  • Crispy kale – oven baked this tastes yummy with some salt and honey drizzled over the top
  • Homemade guacamole – I like to make my own using crushed avocado, some chilli flakes, squeeze of lime, red onion and tomatoes all finely diced with a side of tortilla crisps! Makes me hungry just thinking about it!

What are your favourite snacks? Always looking for snack inspiration…


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