Brasserie Blanc

With experience at the very top of their industries & numerous awards between them, our team have created these easy to follow “How to…” videos to guide you through creating fabulous tasting dishes that also look beautiful alongside expertly-mixed cocktails. With top tips to ensure you create the perfect dining experience at home you will soon be serving up a Voilà meal in no time!

“…there was a lot of effort and time taken in preparing the dishes – love the way the vegetables were peeled and sliced! We really like the idea that in a dinner party situation you could take all the glory!”

Duck Leg Confit with Citrus Sauce

Slow cooked for melt in the mouth perfection, we serve this dish with a citrus sauce which works beautifully with the rich meat. Dauphinoise potato, French beans & carrots round off this dish, making it one of our favourites.

Marinated Glazed Chicken

The sticky glaze on this dish is cooked down to make a rich, unctuous sauce. The roasted sweet potato wedges are perfect for mopping up the sauce…

Pan-Fried Stone Bass

The smoky paprika, chorizo, butterbean & tomato sauce works beautifully with the pan-fried stone bass. A drizzle of basil pesto adds a delicate layer of extra flavour. A glass of Domingo Martin Albariño works beautifully with this dish.

Rump of Lamb

Cooked to perfection, this rump of spring lamb is served with a minted pea puree which complements the rich lamb beautifully. A wonderful alternative to a traditional Sunday roast.

Cherry Amandine

This is a classic French dessert served with BB flair – not only does it taste delicious but it is guaranteed to wow your guests.