Brasserie Blanc

Introducing our seasonal star… the cherry

Here at Brasserie Blanc, we’re dedicated to only using the finest produce available at any given time of year, which is why our monthly changing set menu features our favourite seasonal star ingredient. This August, we’re bringing you on a journey from field to fork of the humble cherry. From the fertile fields of our friend Jeremy’s farm in rural Herefordshire we bring you three wonderful dishes featuring our star ingredient, the cherry. Nestled in a sheltered valley, their cherry trees are nurtured with love and care to ensure they grow and ripen to perfection before being harvested.

From Raymond Blanc’s favourite cherry recipe to documenting the clever techniques used by our friends at the farm to grow the tastiest cherries possible, you can immerse yourselves in all things cherry with us this month… Find out more about our star ingredient here, and try our new set menu today!

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