Brasserie Blanc

It’s all about rhubarb…

At Brasserie Blanc, we’re dedicated to only using the finest produce available. To celebrate our love of fresh & flavourful food, every month our changing set menu is going to be championing a new seasonal ingredient. We’ll be documenting the journey of our chosen fruit or veg from field to fork as we visit our wonderful suppliers and let you in on the process of dish creation, from produce to plate!

Rhubarb is at the heart of our set menu this month – delicately tart with apple green and pink stalks, we have created three deliciously different dishes for you to try this June. Join us as we bring you stories from our friends at the farm, Raymond’s favourite rhubarb recipes as well as some brilliant tips about growing your own

So to immerse yourself in all things rhubarb this month, find out more about our star ingredient here, and try our new set menu today!

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